Starus Web Detective 2.9

Starus Web Detective is a program for analyzing and restoring remote browser history. Now any action on your computer related to the use of web browsers does not leave a trace.

Starus Web Detective

Starus Web Detective Full review

The intuitive interface of the software allows you to use it as a private user and a forensic investigator to search for digital evidence on the suspect’s PC.

Possible ways to use it

Every day we visit a large number of different pages. Someone uses web browsers to communicate in social networks, watch videos on YouTube, someone visits various information resources for development or uses the browser for daily work. Sometimes, for certain reasons, we have to remove the history of visits to certain sites, downloads, passwords, and all for the same purpose – to hide the traces of their adventures on the Internet.

No matter how it seems to us, the removal of stories, though it occurs, but not completely. Certain traces remain on your computer anyway and Starus Web Detective will be a great choice for analyzing and collecting this information on the device under study.

Starus Web Detective settings

Opportunities of Starus Web Detective:

  • History of page visits.
  • You can easily track the page history of any user on the scanned PC. The application supports all popular web browsers: Google Chrome,
  • Mozilla Firefox, Opera Browser, Safari, Yandex Browser, Rambler Browser and others.
  • Restore the history of the browser.
  • The history of the browser remains even after its complete cleaning. This application will allow you to recover all erased data, even if the disk has been formatted or deleted user profile in AppData.
  • Analysis of communication in social networks.
  • Starus Web Detective provides an opportunity to obtain or recover passwords from social network accounts that a PC user has visited and how often he has done so.
  • Studying the history of downloads.
  • With this utility you can find a list of all the files that the user has downloaded to his computer.

Starus Web Detective functionality


This category contains information about all Browser Sessions and sites that were visited by the user.


In the category History you can see all pages previously visited by the user, queries in popular search engines and history of jumps on all pages of visited sites. For ease of analysis, all sites in the list are divided into subcategories and you do not have to search in an array of randomly mixed links, which in this case will be easy to find

In addition to Visits, the main category History has a Search section, where you can see all the queries that the user entered in various search engines or on sites.

The Social networks section will allow you to track sites and their pages that the user has previously navigated through.

The feature of the analysis will be that you can learn not only the resources that were opened on a particular device, but also the exact date with the time when the pages were opened.

As you remember, deleting browser files from your hard drive does not guarantee protection from Starus Web Detective. You can recover even the information that you tried to erase even by formatting it at any time.

Browser functions such as Incognito also do not prevent this software from analyzing Internet history and you can get it without any obstacles.

Popular sites

With the category Popular sites you can easily find out the most visited internet sites.


Passwords category allows you to define logins and passwords from all accounts that have ever been used on the scanned computer and the number of their usage.


Categories Pictures, Files and Downloads allow you to track the user’s work with various documents.

Images. In this tab you will see all images that were opened with the selected browser or uploaded to your computer.

Files. This category will allow you to analyze the list of files in the browser on your local disk, which may contain useful information for you. You can see the content of each file in a preview window or open it using the HEX editor. If the files have been deleted, you can restore them by saving them to your hard drive.

Data export

You can save all your scanned data in two clicks in three different formats: Excel, HTML and PDF. And the Report Wizard allows you to choose which information you want to save: the data of the previously selected category or all the information scanned by the program.

Starus Web Detective download

Download Starus Web Detective 2.9 –    UsersDrive

Download Starus Web Detective 2.9 –    Upload-4ever

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