Tor Browser 10.5.6

Tor Browser Bundle is a free package for anonymous Internet surfing. User privacy is ensured by routing and encrypting traffic over a distributed network of servers supported by volunteers from around the world. Tor Browser Bundle includes Tor software and a properly configured Firefox browser.

Tor Browser

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Tor Browser Bundle prevents surveillance of the Internet connection, navigation, configuration of the user’s equipment, and hides from all visited hosts information about his physical location.

The main properties of Tor Browser Bundle:

  • Integrated ability to use an anonymous Tor network.
  • Protection against network surveillance that threatens personal freedom and privacy, confidential, professional activities and relationships.
  • Easy to use by an unaware and/or inexperienced user.
  • Blocking functions that pose a potential security threat (cookies, flash animation, history, browser cache…).
  • The package requires no installation and can be launched from any media (including portable ones).

The disadvantages of Tor Browser Bundle are low speed of page loading, limitations in the use of all functions of some sites, the inability to view flash content and other limitations associated with ensuring anonymity.

Tor Browser download


To use the Tor Browser Bundle, download and unpack the archive, and to run it, double-click on the file Start Tor Browser.exe.

Encryption in the Tor network is only a means to achieve anonymity, but it will not protect you from leakage of valuable data. If you are sharing valuable information, pay as much attention to security issues as you would with a regular browser.

To reduce the risk, close the open windows of the standard Firefox browser before running the Tor Browser Bundle and do not run it when using the package.

Tor Browser settings

Download Tor Browser 10.5.6 –    UsersDrive

Download Tor Browser 10.5.6 –    Upload-4ever

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