VMware Workstation Player 16.2.2 Build 19200509

VMware Workstation Player is a virtualization tool that lets you create a virtual machine. Install an additional operating system on your computer and use it to test programs or learn new skills!

VMware Workstation Player

VMware Workstation Player Full review

Virtual machine software is used all over the world. The average user uses VMware Workstation Player to test and verify applications, and also to try other versions of Windows, Linux, Debian, and more.

The intuitive graphical interface helps you create a virtual machine in just a few clicks. The installed operating system will be isolated from the main one. It is stored in a special image on your hard drive. Up to 16 systems can be installed with this virtual machine.

VMware Workstation Player main window

Unlike competitive virtualization software, VMware Player supports OpenGL 3 and above which allows you to run heavy applications using OpenGL graphics. There is support for DirectX 12 and almost all modern systems Microsoft Windows, Linux, Ubuntu, Fedora.

VMware Workstation Player rub ios

List of features and benefits:

  • Install and run an independent copy of Windows/Linux on your computer;
  • Virtual machines support DirectX 12, OpenGL 3, USB 3.0;
  • Installation of any version of Windows, Linux, Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu;
  • The main OS will be isolated from the virtual one;
  • Full support for 4K screens;
  • Creation of up to 16 virtual machines with different characteristics and systems.

VMware Workstation Player settings

There is a version of VMware for more professional use – VMware Workstation Pro. It contains much more features and tools for managing virtual machines. For home and basic use, downloading VMware Player will be sufficient.

about VMware Workstation Player

Download VMware Workstation Player 16.2.2 Build 19200509 –    UsersDrive

Download VMware Workstation Player 16.2.2 Build 19200509 –    Upload-4ever

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