CLO Standalone 6.1.394.35816

CLO 3D Enterprise / Standalone is software for artists, modelers and designers. The capabilities of the program allow the detailed design of all kinds of clothing, including pants, sweatshirts, jackets, dresses and so on.

CLO Standalone

CLO Standalone Full review

This professional application will allow you to develop a costume or a certain part of it with the necessary dimensions, textures and design. You will be able to display the finished clothing in both 2D and 3D mode. Before sewing, the program will allow you to try on ready sets of created clothes on a mannequin to see the final look of your work and correct possible errors and shortcomings.

The program has already built-in sketches and sets of clothes, as well as a handy wizard for exploring the applications features. The program is great for designers, fashion designers, sewing companies and creative people.

CLO Standalone settings

Features and capabilities of CLO 3D:

  • Convenient tools and prompts to quickly learn the features of the program
  • Creation of clothes with precise dimensions
  • Try on ready or unfinished clothes on a mannequin
  • Fashion preview in both 2D and 3D
  • Activation tool included
  • Great for designers and modelers

CLO Standalone download

Download CLO 3D torrent, Enterprise and Standalone versions, you can from our website by clicking on the appropriate button. Both versions of the program attached means to activate the full version of the program without any restrictions.

Download CLO Standalone 6.1.394.35816 –    UsersDrive

Download CLO Standalone 6.1.394.35816 –    Upload-4ever

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