Wise Care 365 Pro

Today’s variety of utilities for comprehensive PC optimization is astounding. On this page we would like to present Wise Care 365 Pro. The program has a nice and simple interface, and also as easy to use as possible. You do not need to be a computer wizard or a system administrator to perform a quality computer cleaning and optimization, you just need to download Wise Care 365 on our website.

Wise Care 365 Pro

Wise Care 365 Pro Full review

The utility has several modes of operation, each of them has its own features. Comprehensive (deep cleaning) takes a few minutes of time and cleans the deepest parts of your computer. The quick cleanup finishes almost instantly, it cleans temporary files, browser cache and some other junk. The utility allows you to use these 2 automatic cleaning methods as well as semi-automatic cleaning and optimization utilities.

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Each new version of Wise Care 365 is endowed with new functionality, but the basic things remain the same. Just below is a complete list of the program’s basic features that every user has access to.

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List of Wise Care 365 features:

  • Automatic cleanup or cleanup in a few clicks;
  • Fixing system registry errors in Windows;
  • Change autorun settings, disable unnecessary programs;
  • Detailed cleaning of browser search history;
  • Removal of temporary files and system caches;
  • Has an advanced task manager in its composition;
  • Displaying technical information about your PC as well as connected devices;
  • In-depth system scanning;
  • Work with Windows services, freeing up hard disk space;
  • Defragmentation of HDD and Registry;
  • Built-in tools to generate strong passwords.

It is impossible to describe all of the application’s capabilities in a single article. The full version of the program supports all modern versions of Windows . Wise Care 365 activation is performed automatically, the site provides the Repack version of the program.

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Download Wise Care 365 Pro –   UsersDrive

Download Wise Care 365 Pro –   Upload-4ever

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