IObit Smart Defrag Pro

IObit Smart Defrag is an easy to use disk defragmentation program that prevents brakes, hangs and system crashes. Once installed, IObit SmartDefrag goes into automatic mode and imperceptibly defragments files during normal computer operation.

IObit Smart Defrag Pro

IObit Smart Defrag Pro full review

The main advantage of the utility is that, unlike other automated defragmenters, Smart Defrag does not perform continuous analysis and defragmentation, thus not damaging your disk or reducing its performance. Smart Defrag’s intelligent security technology keeps your drive safe and running, deciding when and how to start defragmentation.

For faster reading, the utility not only defragments the files, but also arranges their location relative to each other. SmartDefrag places the most used files on the fastest sections of the drive, thus optimizing the performance of the drive, ensuring speed and stability.

Powerful and compact hard drive defragmenter Smart Defrag Pro. It differs from other programs by the presence of “Smart Defragmentation” drives, as well as a simple and nice interface. With Smart Defrag Pro you can significantly increase the speed of the drive, this program greatly exceeds the capabilities of standard Windows defragmenter and completely replaces it.

IObit Smart Defrag Pro download

It’s no secret that when any defragmenter works, the files that work, and this is the operating system and other system files, they are skipped and it turns out that part of the drive remains fragmented, but in Smart Defrag Pro it’s not a problem, because it has defragmentation technology when you start your computer to get maximum performance.

In addition to several modes of operation, Smart Defrag Pro is able to defragment files by frequency of use, which increases the life of the drive by reducing calls to this area. In addition, it provides background operation, which will automatically keep your computer in an optimized state.

IObit SmartDefrag Key features:

  • Provides complete security against corruption of files on disk.
  • Selection of operating modes: Simple defragmentation, defragmentation and optimization, deep defragmentation.
  • Manual and automatic modes.
  • Task Scheduler.
  • Interface – multi-language (11 languages).

IObit Smart Defrag Pro download

Download IObit Smart Defrag Pro –    UsersDrive

Download IObit Smart Defrag Pro –    Upload-4ever

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