Wipe Professional 2022.17

Wipe Professional is an advanced software solution that uses secure algorithms to thoroughly clean your computer. Wipe Pro thoroughly analyzes your system, scans temporary files and user traces, and then lets you get rid of them in just a few clicks.

Wipe Professional

Wipe Professional Full review

First and foremost, Wipe is aimed at removing sensitive data and user traces. During computer activity, a record is kept of user activity not only in the browser, but also in the system as a whole. To clear the cache, remove temporary files, clean the registry and cookies, use software solutions such as Wipe Professional.

Wipe Professional main window

The program uses popular algorithms for irretrievable data deletion that comply with U.S. military standards. To prevent recovery of specific files or data, the application automatically renames them before permanently deleting them from the hard drive or SSD.

If you decide to install Wipe Professional as your main system cleanup tool, you should know that the program can be recalled from the tray to instantly clean your computer. The development allows you not only to free up some free space on HDD/SSD, but also to control the operation of unwanted and resource-intensive applications.

Wipe Professional settings

Main features and capabilities:

  • Clean your computer in a few clicks;
  • Control of the cleaning parameters;
  • Deletion of all user data in the browser: cookies, cache, browsing history, automatically filled out forms, etc;
  • Supports Opera, Firefox, Yandex, Chrome browsers;
  • Control of PC and resource-intensive applications;
  • Can work in the tray without disturbing the user;
  • Thorough system/registry check and cleanup;
  • Freeing up occupied HDD/SSD space;
  • Secure and reliable algorithms for destroying files are integrated;
  • Counting the total amount of trash and user data found;
  • Renaming files before irretrievable deletion.

about Wipe Professional

Of course, the program requires a Wipe Professional activation key. It can be purchased from the official website of the software product or you can download the application with the attached activation tool from our website.

Download Wipe Professional 2022.17 –   UsersDrive

Download Wipe Professional 2022.17 –   Upload-4ever

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