Steganos Safe 21.1.0 Revision 12679

Steganos Safe is a digital safe deposit box for personal information stored on the web, computers or cloud services. There is no better protection for your personal data in an unlimited amount. By downloading and installing Steganos Safe 20 on your PC, you will be able to create virtual disks with a capacity of up to 2 TB each.

Steganos Safe

Steganos Safe Full review

The basis of the ultra-modern encryption system is AES with 256-bit code. Developers of digital safes are not without reason proud of their reputation and the fact that their products have never been cracked.

Features of the functionality:

  • PicPass encryption technology (for graphic, text and audio files),
  • Unsurprisingly deletes files from your PC,
  • Use USB and mobile as encryption key,
  • Lack of backdoors,
  • Using images for passwords,
  • Ability to change the size of digital safes,
  • Support for encoding in such storages as Microsoft OneDrive Google Drive, Dropbox.

The program is friendly with absolutely all anti-viruses and is not in conflict with other applications. The process of creating a safe is no different from the usual procedures for creating folders or storages in the “cloud” services. Choose the function “create a new safe”, determine the name and section of the storage of confidential data, decide on the size of the virtual storage, invent a password, enter and confirm – everything!

Steganos Safe settings

Note that this is the easiest way to securely protect the data you keep from prying eyes. In addition, the number of such safes is not limited, which allows you to store huge amounts of information: documents, video, photos, games, transaction numbers authentication and other “secret materials.

By the way, Steganos Safe will make sure that your password corresponds to the high security level, so you will not be able to enter a simple and unreliable combination of symbols. If you intend to download a professional data encryption program Steganos Safe, please follow the link below.

Download Steganos Safe 21.1.0 Revision 12679 –    UsersDrive

Download Steganos Safe 21.1.0 Revision 12679 –    Upload-4ever

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