Identity Theft Preventer 2.3.8

ShieldApps Identity Theft Preventer is a software product aimed at protecting against confidential data theft and unauthorized webcam use. It has an advanced and powerful algorithm for data mining and protection against exploitation of vulnerabilities, allowing you to get the highest level of protection for your work or home PC.

Identity Theft Preventer

Identity Theft Preventer Full review

Right from the ShieldApps Identity Theft Preventer window, you can control basic webcam and microphone protection settings, tracker blocking. The product also includes filters to block ads and dangerous content.

Identity Theft Preventer main window

It is not uncommon for attackers to exploit camera and microphone vulnerabilities and then gain full access to them. They can listen to your conversations and even see you through the webcam of your PC or laptop. To prevent unauthorized access, it is recommended to use ShieldApps Identity Theft Preventer.

Identity Theft Preventer settings

Features and Benefits:

  • Protection from dangerous websites and phishing;
  • Protection against identity theft;
  • A tool for finding and erasing sensitive data on your computer;
  • Block sending telemetry and user data;
  • Controls and secures webcam and microphone at all times;
  • Removing dangerous objects and blocking content in real time;
  • Included task scheduler to automate scanning, verification, data deletion and protection;
  • Maintenance of statistics on blocked content;
  • Built-in mechanism for data encryption.

Identity Theft Preventer settings 2

Ensure maximum protection for your device and prevent all identity theft attempts with ShieldApps Identity Theft Preventer’s state-of-the-art antivirus software. Download the latest version of the software is offered in the download section of the file immediately after the description.

Download Identity Theft Preventer 2.3.8 –    UsersDrive

Download Identity Theft Preventer 2.3.8 –    Upload-4ever

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