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The origin of computer technology is, above all, the formation of our information assistants regiment. A modern computer is a huge warehouse of different types and types of information (software, work, “printed”, etc.). Hard disks and other media store terra and gigabits of digital data. How can you safely save this wealth, and if necessary, recover damaged or accidentally lost data?

Starus Partition Recovery

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Perhaps it is worth starting by describing a situation that many PC users have encountered to some extent. Almost every user, working on the machine, creates their own directories and folders with different information databases. For example, these are folders with programs, which from time to time have to address for installation or reinstallation. And here a certain user, carried away by “cleaning” the computer through the usual combination of Shift + Del removes his “innermost wealth”. Just by accident.

Of course, it’s an offensive situation. The information you need. There was no need to delete it yet. And here’s the embarrassment. Yes, it’s not pleasant and maybe even painfully familiar situation. What can save it or at least partially correct it? Is it possible? Today, such a possibility exists. And we are talking about Starus Partition Recovery – a program that saves from such problems. And not only related to accidental deletion of data.- Practically the truth – nothing is forever! Our modern life is already difficult to imagine without hard drives, flash drives and other digital media. Each of these media is convenient and necessary in its own way. However, breakdowns are possible in each of these technical devices.

But on them the information, the necessary information!

Its value is different. And one can be duplicated in the network or on other media. The other, so to be sure, can be abandoned. But, what if it is documents, albums of photos or video records, software blanks? And all this is “unique”! How it is not desirable to lose them. And you don’t have to. There is a very progressive and relatively simple tool to save the situation. This is Starus Partition Recovery. It is this program that allows the “poor guy” to resume a logical partition of files accidentally deleted or formatted, and also helps restore the structure of folders and files. And that’s not all her “abilities”!

Simply put, the Starus Partition Recovery tool can scan a damaged hard drive or removable drive and recover information on it accidentally deleted or damaged. This program works with damaged media of different nature.

Starus Partition Recovery settings

What does Starus Partition Recovery program “do” during the “resuscitation” process?

It just fulfills its purpose. You can say – easy and relaxed! Of course, there are a number of relatively complex and time-consuming information recovery tools. It is the simplicity, ease of use, user-friendly interface and step-by-step assistant that makes this “savior” a cool and, simply, irreplaceable in the cases mentioned above. Moreover, this program exclusively “heals” and does not “cripple” the user’s computer woe. So, there is no need to be afraid whether to “raise” or “put” something wrong in the machine.

The authors of Starus Partition Recovery have included in its work several ways to further save recovered data: to a hard disk of the computer, to removable or CD/DVD, by creating a disk image, etc. We choose the appropriate option. It is not recommended only to “return” restored folders and files to the disk from which they were “brought back to life”. That’s all. Finish the process.

You may recall once again the necessity to treat your information carefully, not to lose it and to duplicate it prudently. And if there are any problems, it is easy and even interesting to use Starus Partition Recovery, a really powerful and convenient recovery tool. I will thank you for your comments.

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