iShredder Professional

iShredder is a program capable of protecting your confidential data and has been designed to perform the most reliable technical correct deletion of any information on your hard drives and portable storage devices.

iShredder Professional

iShredder Professional Full review

In our modern time we often put any data on the internet, everyone wants to share the brightest events in life, some people want to compromise you to use this information for their own purposes. That’s why sometimes we have to use very different ways to protect our data. Here is a program iShredder download free with the key you can have at us, it is able to do it at the level of maximum complete removal of information from disks and other storage devices. This means that if you keep personal photos, passwords from any services, credit cards, you just do not want these data have a third party, you have to get rid of them, and do it in a way that after they can not recover.

cool program that can safely be used

iShredder is able to do it as quickly and efficiently as possible, the developers assure you that the process of removal will be used up to 20 different secure removal protocols, which means that you get a really cool program that can safely be used up to the government and the military, you can never restore personal information. The authors of this development assure that all applications that aim to recover information will not be able to do anything after you use iShredder, they will be completely useless and unarmed, you can not worry about the fact that the information will be recovered again.

The second plus of the application is that you can free up space on your hard drive. I think it’s no secret that when you delete data from your hard drive, the operating system simply deletes a reference to that data, but it actually still remains in memory taking up space. The program will allow you to delete everything so that the space will be freed up, although I do not consider this a plus because hard drives are now a large capacity and problems with lack of space, I rarely see users.

iShredder Professional settings

I would also like to remind you that iShredder is able to clear all data left after browsing the internet, it works with all major browsers, in the last screenshot you can clearly see it. I have read some tests on the Internet, I realized that no one has not yet managed to restore the information after it was deleted by this tool which shows the seriousness of the developers, you can safely use the application for your purposes.

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