FinalCrypt 6.8.0

FinalCrypt is a file encryption program. The application uses symmetric encryption with a one-time key. This encryption method is considered to be very reliable and incredibly difficult to open. It is considered by many experts to be the most stable, unbreakable encryption method. However, asymmetric types of encryption can be cracked with Quantum Computers, which is proven by Peter Shore’s quantum factorization algorithm.


FinalCrypt full review

The program is distributed free of charge and has open source code. The ability to download the author’s portable version, will allow, without installing the application to create an encrypted file using the most reliable algorithm. Despite the lack of Russian in the interface, this product may be interested in its capabilities of the most sophisticated PC users for encryption files.

FinalCrypt download

Using the command line, FinalCrypt allows you to work with huge data sets. The capabilities of the application allow to automate the process of encryption up to 4 billion files. Unlimited key size, unlike programs that allow you to create a key only in 32 bits, make encryption incredibly resistant to hacking. The key can be located in any place and cannot be detected by special software. Moreover, the additional password entered makes even a lost or stolen key useless for the most part without your password.

FinalCrypt key

Nowadays, when there are more and more cybercriminals in the digital world, such a program is very relevant for data encryption.

Below you can download the latest versions of FinalCrypt. You can find the installation file and a portable version of the program in the archive.

Download Mirillis Action! 4.29.3 –    UsersDrive

Download Mirillis Action! 4.29.3 –    Upload-4ever

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