VSDC Video Editor Pro

VSDC Video Editor Pro is a popular amateur video editor, which includes, among other things, professional tools. And although this is a commercial software, first of all, a free version of the video editor VSDC Video Editor is popular, which includes all the main features, while it does not contain advertising and does not insert watermarks in the video.

VSDC Video Editor Pro

VSDC Video Editor Pro Full review

The program offers a fairly functional set of tools for editing, color correction, the application of various effects, including transitions and more. In this case, the timeline is quite comparable with professional video editors and offers a lot of convenience for mounting the clip. Also note the powerful tools for color correction. In addition, the video editor offers a number of effects: filters (blur, sharpness, diffusion, noise …), transformation (turns and various types of movement of the form of the object), transparency (the appearance and disappearance of the picture) and others. Additional features include the ability to use masks, stabilization, and conversion of three-dimensional shooting into regular video.

VSDC Video Editor Pro download

VSDC Video Editor supports work with the majority of popular video formats, up to 4K resolution and the ability to save video to certain devices (preset save settings profiles).

In addition to the basic functionality, VSDC Video Editor contains several additional tools: video format converter, video recording from an external source, screen recording, voice recording, disk recording and video uploader to Youtube.

The user can download VSDC Video Editor for free. The basic version includes almost full functionality, and a number of additional features require the transition to a paid version of the program. The free version has no hardware acceleration, no audio waveform, stabilization function and some settings. It also has a few limited functions, including tools for masking and working with chromokeys.

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