Steganos Privacy Suite 21.1.1 Revision 12848

Steganos Privacy Suite is a comprehensive approach to securing your data contained on your computer or on the Web. A set of utilities will protect your files not only from unauthorized viewing or wiretapping, but also from a number of technical force majeure related, for example, to a sharp power failure, and so on.

Steganos Privacy Suite

Steganos Privacy Suite Full review

No one will even guess that the data is encrypted, as this fact will be hidden from uninitiated users. The encrypted files will be available to you on a special virtual disk. The program allows you to encrypt electronic correspondence and hide information in audio or graphic files.

Steganos Privacy Suite can also secure data on external devices (disks, flash drives, cell phones) with a non-rackable AES 256 bit encryption, clean up all traces of work on your PC or stay online in one click and generate passwords on all devices.

Steganos Privacy Suite settings

Key features of Steganos Privacy Suite:

  • Hide valuable data in music and pictures,
  • Encryption of email messages in email services, which will be available only after entering the password,
  • Storage of protected data on portable devices, which are digital safes,
  • Password protection for access to email,
  • Unlimited number of virtual drives for data storage,
  • Password generation system with high security,
  • Checking password strength,
  • Create passwords as images,
  • Use a virtual keyboard,
  • Encrypting files in cloud services,
  • Blocking advertising surveillance and anonymous stay on the Web,
  • Non-refundable deletion of files, etc.

Download Steganos Privacy Suite – a program for data encryption on your computer and the Internet, as well as for password management, you can immediately under the description.

Download Steganos Privacy Suite 21.1.1 Revision 12848 –    UsersDrive

Download Steganos Privacy Suite 21.1.1 Revision 12848 –    Upload-4ever

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