Program4Pc Audio Converter Pro 7.8

Program4Pc Audio Converter Pro is an audio converter for Windows PCs. The company is known for the fact that it produces products with a fairly simple user interface, as well as a decent quality product at the output.

Program4Pc Audio Converter Pro

Program4Pc Audio Converter Pro Full review

As you know, not all players recognize existing audio files, especially exotic ones, so there is a need to adapt the sound by converting it into one or another formats. Each type of audio files has certain qualities: sound purity, small file sizes, support for a limited number of players or programs for playback.

This is exactly what audio converters are designed for, so that you do not have to install many players for each format on your computer, but use one adapter for all of them. Audio Converter Pro does the job perfectly, keeping the original sound quality and converting audio files in the shortest possible time.

In the best tradition of Program4Pc, a developer program, the application is very easy to use and the interface is understandable even to inexperienced users. The software is represented by a single working window with several buttons reflecting the main options of the program:

  • Adding an audio track,
  • Adding DVD and CD format,
  • Slicing of sound,
  • tag processing,
  • data disk recording.

Program4Pc Audio Converter Pro settings

As soon as you add an audio track to the application workspace, you will be able to view all the information about the track: sound duration, file format, etc. You can also play the track and adjust the volume with a special slider. In the lower workspace area, you can choose the format you want to convert the sound to. There are individual settings for each format.

The Device section helps you choose your preferred format if you are not sure what format you want to convert to at first. Converted file can be recorded to a disk or listened to immediately after processing. If you are interested in a simple converter of audio files for Windows, we suggest you download Audio Converter Pro from our resource by clicking the link below this review.

Download Program4Pc Audio Converter Pro 7.8 –    UsersDrive

Download Program4Pc Audio Converter Pro 7.8 –    Upload-4ever

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