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Processing photos in RAW format is one of the key points for an advanced photographer. There are many software modules designed to make working with this format as easy as possible. One of the leaders in this area is rightly considered a program ON1 Photo RAW. The latest version of the application (2019) noticeably added to the variety of tools, and in the expansion of their own capabilities.

ON1 Photo RAW

ON1 Photo RAW Key Full review

The program can act as a separate mini-editor and as a plugin for Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. It supports all the latest 64-bit versions of Windows (since 7-ki), and is fully compatible with MacOS and Apple Photos.

Appearance and functions

The program interface is quite convenient. It includes a decent number of modules, but with careful study the user will quickly understand the logic of all blocks. ON1 Photo RAW 2019 is essentially a mini editor to work with RAW. The latest version, in addition to a significant expansion of functionality, built-in modern technology artificial intelligence.

ON1 Photo RAW settings

Let’s walk through the main functions of the software:

  • Editing. There are several tabs in this block: Develop (contrast, exposure, color balance and other basic improvements), Effects, Portrait, Local Adjustments for specific parts of the image.
  • Focus stacking. Splices several images with different focus, which gives an increase in depth of field. The work is carried out in the automatic mode and in real time.
  • Preset. Huge number of filters with a large number of settings for each of them. Stunning effects can be achieved in combination with camouflage tools.
  • Masks. Automatic creation of masks in a photo using artificial intelligence.
  • Portrait tab. ON1 Photo RAW by default recognizes faces in the picture and offers a retouching set of options to eliminate deficiencies and improve portrait frames overall.
  • Layers. In the process, you can create many layers – customize them, mask them, make a scene. It is possible to assemble a number of images into layer layers and then automatically align and process them. All changes are non-destructive until you save the file.
  • Text. The software allows you to create and save a text layer to a preset and then apply it to several images at once.
  • Cameras. The editor supports a huge number of cameras. And with each new version of the application more and more new models are added.
  • Formats. ON1 Photo RAW is not focused on RAW only. It is possible to work with the usual extensions (JPEG, PNG, PSD, TIF, DNG and PSD).

Pros and cons of ON1 Photo RAW

The program is considered one of the best in its class not without reason. It simply has no noticeable disadvantages. Probably, it would be more correct to say so – to the advantages of ON1 Photo RAW can not be attributed:

  • cost – the full version is estimated at $100;
  • high system requirements (the application requires at least 16 GB of memory to work).

Otherwise, there are some advantages. Let us note the main advantages:

  • By installing the application, you will get an advanced tool to improve RAW images;
  • you will be able to process photos without connecting “dreadnoughts” like Photoshop;
  • the software runs at a fairly high speed (when system requirements are met), which is of great importance when processing “heavy” RAW.

ON1 Photo RAW download

Scope of application and audience

The program should definitely belong to the arsenal of a modern photographer. For ordinary amateurs it may seem a bit complicated, but the time spent on its study will pay off more than enough.
The result is .

ON1 Photo RAW is an excellent program for fast and efficient work with the cornerstone of digital photography – RAW images. For those who are professionally engaged in photography, it will be a great addition to the same Photoshop or Lightroom.

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