Marvelous Designer 10 Personal 6.0.617.33008

Marvelous Designer – a program from the developer CLO Virtual Fashion Inc for clothing designers. An unusually realistic clothes modeling designer.

Marvelous Designer

Marvelous Designer Full review

In Marvelous Designer involved functions of cutting, sewing, they allow you to do a lot of realistic actions – draw curves of the line when creating a pattern, sew segments, insert rubber bands, make a synchronization of cutting with a three-dimensional model of clothing. This software can be installed on a PC with decent system requirements, because it processes three-dimensional graphics, which can not be done by any PC.

During the work the user can use the animation option at any time, where all the facets of the mechanism of fabric simulation are clearly visible. This feature will allow you to select the ideal material for the developed clothing, while you can see all its characteristics – density, crumbling, soaking, stretchability – and see how it will manifest itself in the process of operation. During the animation, the user can rotate the model, change its position. The model can be a dummy loaded from third-party applications, as well as one of the figures that are built into the program.

Marvelous Designer download

what the Utility can do:

  • realistically transmits the structure of fabric;
  • builds models in 3D format;
  • has a wide range of tools, which very accurately flowing shape models in virtual mode.

Marvelous Designer download

With the help of integrated patterns, templates, adopted types of seams, 3D drapery and laminal sewing format can create a model of different complexity. The application contains an animation option, with which you can interact at any time of the production process. With the animation, the model and its position can be moved to any convenient position.

As a dummy, you can use a basic template or download the model from another program where it was previously created. Once the fabric type has been defined, the program selects the real fabric functions such as soaking, density, squeezing, stretchability.


The utility allows you to draw curves, combine parts, work with an elastic band. For this application, you need powerful system capabilities. Download the application in Russian for free on this page.

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