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JPEGmini is a popular application that is trusted by millions of users around the world. By using it, you can get the smallest photo size without sacrificing quality. Download JPEGmini free at the end of the review without registration.

JPEGmini Pro

JPEGmini Pro Key Full review

The utility can run not only on operating systems released by Microsoft, but also on operating systems produced by Apple. Unfortunately, the program interface is presented only in English and the Russifier is also absent. But JPEGmini Pro belongs to the category of programs that are intuitive even if they are released in a language unknown to the user.

The manufacturer of the utility has chosen the following slogan as its motto: “Maximum quality, minimum photo size”. And it is true! Using the image optimization technology of Beamr Ltd. engineers were able to achieve a significant reduction in photo size, up to eighty percent, while the resolution and quality remained the same.

The next feature of the program is that the performance of the PC does not decrease in any way when it runs, although it uses all cores of the processor to process photos as soon as possible. The application also handles images up to 60 megapixels, collages and panoramas.

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In addition, the developers have tried to integrate several popular plug-ins into the utility. If you want to export photos from such programs as Lightroom or Photoshop, they will be quickly optimized to the smallest possible size, without any damage to their quality.

In my opinion, the right program that will always be able to help reduce photos, even if it seems now that the weight of the file no longer matters. At the same time, what pleasantly surprised me was that there are no artifacts on the resulting photos, or even a small number of them. You can download JPEGmini by clicking on the link below.

Download JPEGmini Pro –    UsersDrive

Download JPEGmini Pro –    Upload-4ever

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