Firetrust MailWasher Pro 7.12.56

Firetrust MailWasher Pro is designed to read e-mails from various mail servers. The advantage of the client is that you can preview mail before it is loaded on your computer.

Firetrust MailWasher Pro

Firetrust MailWasher Pro Full review

Additional plug-ins can be installed in the mail client, including anti-virus extensions from F-Secure or McAfee. The installation of antiviruses allows you to protect your computer from emails containing malicious programs and viruses. To view an email, you must download it to your computer.

There are built-in spam filters. The program can work with mail servers through IMAP4, POP3, SMTP, WAP and WebMail. There is support for SSL-protocol, encrypting all received and transmitted data.

By means of the program it is possible to make various operations with mail messages, beginning from banal – sending, saving drafts, editing etc., finishing with creation of backup copies, automatic work on a schedule and many other things. The functionality of the email client can be extended by installing third-party plugins.

Main features of MailWasher Pro

You can download the MailWasher Pro mail client from our website by clicking the link at the bottom of the page. The Portable version does not require any installation and is ready for use immediately after downloading to your computer. Thanks to the convenient intuitive interface, you can easily understand the management of the mail client.
The portable version of the program supports work with most popular email clients such as Microsoft Outlook, The Bat, Netscape and others. In options of the program it is possible to adjust the sound notification on reception of new mail, and also timeout of automatic updating.

Firetrust MailWasher Pro settings

Advantages of MailWasher :

  • Many different filtering methods. Allows you to easily find the mail you need;
  • You can add the answer “No such address”;
  • On the server, the mail immediately determines if the program is a virus or a letter;
  • Ability to create black and white lists;
  • Many different functions. It is quite easy to work with the program;
  • It is possible to set the time. Each time at a certain period of time, the program will check the mail;
  • Works with almost all protocols;
  • There is a quick reply function that will save your time.


  • The program is chargeable;
  • It may generate an error at startup.

Firetrust MailWasher Pro download

Also implemented the ability to connect third-party anti-virus plug-ins in MailWasher Pro. The abundance of additional features, such as autoresponder, SMS notifications, quick response, cyclic mail check, etc. make the work very convenient, and recovery of remote mail, sometimes just indispensable.

It is worth noting that, in addition to working with all mail protocols. MailWasher the program which is capable to co-operate with various post clients and has all standard number of possibilities of post clients, and as the individual decisions directed on increase of convenience and comfort in work. The detailed FAQ containing the animated manuals, allows in the shortest terms to master all possibilities of the software.

Download Firetrust MailWasher Pro 7.12.56 –    UsersDrive

Download Firetrust MailWasher Pro 7.12.56 –    Upload-4ever

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