EssentialPIM Pro Business 10.1.2

EssentialPIM Pro is a multifunctional program that allows you to take notes, keeping all important or interesting information in one place and securely protected from prying eyes. EssentialPIM

EssentialPIM Pro Full review

The program is easy to set up and use thanks to its intuitive interface. You can store to-do lists, notes, contacts, emails, passwords and any other information. The program is a set of all-in-one tools. For example, EsentialPIM Pro includes a task planner, day planner and weekly planner, calendar, contact and password manager and email client. The program allows you to manage your own working time, organize meetings and weekends, write down ideas, make notes and prioritize tasks. One of the features of the manager is support for synchronization with mobile devices. This allows the user to plan and keep track of things without being right in front of the computer. EssentialPIM also has an import/export feature, in case the user decides to migrate from one PC to another.

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In addition to the main functionality, the developers have made sure that the user’s information is protected. For example, the manager allows you to set a password on the database so that passwords and personal information about the PC owner do not fall into the wrong hands. EssentialPIM Pro interface consists of a lot of functional elements. Basic modules, such as calendar, scheduler, notepad, contacts directory, mailbox and password manager are grouped in the menu on the left. There also hangs a permanent mini-calendar with highlighting of key dates at the bottom. The manager’s interface uses light colors by default. At the same time, different tasks can be marked with additional colors depending on their type, importance, and stage of completion. Dragging and dropping tasks from one date to another in the calendar is also supported, allowing you to quickly fix changes to your plans.

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Customizable design allows you to change font size and borders in different areas and panels of the program.

Benefits of EssentialPIM Pro Disadvantages of EssentialPIM Pro

+ Multilingual user interface.

+ Boundaries of different work areas and toolbars.

+ Possibility of assigning the tasks a priority.

+ Support of import and export of the database.

+ Support for password protection of the database.

+ Support for synchronization with Android and iOS devices.

+ Availability of a portable version of the program.

+ Ability to customize the time scale in the task scheduler.>

+ Seamless printing support.

Lack of support for floating areas and toolbars.


EssentialPIM Pro works correctly, does not crashes or freezes. The program is recommended to be used on a regular basis by all users, both for business and household purposes.

Download EssentialPIM Pro Business 10.1.2 –    UsersDrive

Download EssentialPIM Pro Business 10.1.2 –    Upload-4ever
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