DecSoft HTML Compiler 2021.43

DecSoft HTML Compiler is a powerful, feature-rich HTML compiler that makes it easy to turn individual HTML pages or entire HTML applications into standalone executable files for Windows. It supports HTML, CSS, JavaScript, image manipulation, and other resources that are part of web applications. In HTML Compiler you will be able to create professional presentations, reference files, interactive ebooks, tutorials, CD interfaces, tests, quizzes, advertising materials, games and much more. The program has full support for Unicode, the simplest interface and high speed.

DecSoft HTML Compiler

DecSoft HTML Compiler Full review

When selecting the appropriate options at the stage of project creation, the resulting executable file can be protected with a launch password, and its size can be significantly reduced by compression with the built-in UPX packer. In addition, you will be able to choose the most acceptable interface design for the future application. The program can be downloaded via a direct link (from the cloud) at the bottom of the page.

DecSoft HTML Compiler download

Basic features of HTML Compiler :

  • HTML Compiler produces standalone executable files.
  • Command line version for batch compilation.
  • Application files are not extractable on PC.
  • Unicode support for file names and content.
  • Your HTML code can interact with your application.
  • HTML Compiler is multi-lingual and supports themes.
  • Your executables also support dozens of themes.
  • Password protection for your application.
  • Support for external JavaScript to interact with your publication.
  • Allows you to compress, protect and sign the application.

DecSoft HTML Compiler settings

Download DecSoft HTML Compiler 2021.43 –    UsersDrive

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