DBConvert Studio 2.1.8

DBConvert Studio – the program will allow you to synchronize and transfer information between databases of different formats without hassle, therefore, to make the management of large amounts of data more efficient, you do not need to spend a lot of time on this process.

DBConvert Studio

DBConvert Studio full review

After starting, you may get the impression that the program is frozen, remember, it takes some time to analyze your system resources and installed databases. Once the analysis is complete, setup is fast. You can add as many databases as you need, you just need to select New Connection. The utility works with most database formats, including Firebird, SQLite, PostgreSQL, DB2, Azure and MS Access. As far as configuration is concerned, you can establish a connection by providing the required information for each database. For example, if you want to connect PostgreSQL, you can specify the default host or localhost, port number, username, password, and preferred character set for the connection. In addition, you can rename the connection to make it easier to recognize if you are using two or more databases of the same type.

DBConvert Studio settings

The DBConvert Studio program (which can be downloaded on this page for free, in the archive you will find a crack or a key that you need for registration, after which the latest version of the program will be available to you without having to buy it) allows you to synchronize data in several databases and ensure the relevance of information without extra effort on your part. If your project involves simultaneous work with multiple databases that exchange data, you may want to consider using bi-directional synchronization and ensure that information is updated everywhere. Transferring data between databases is another supported feature in the application that makes transferring information fast and smooth. Migration entails direct transfer, which allows data to flow from one source to one destination. If you need to transfer information to multiple databases, you can choose a data distribution model.

Funtions of DBConvert Studio:

  • Speed ​​up your database migration.
  • Automatic conversion of views / queries.
  • Synchronize your databases both ways at the same time.
  • Add your own data filters for conditional database migration.
  • Use PHP dumps and scripts to indirectly load data into MySQL, MS SQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Firebird.

Download DBConvert Studio 2.1.8 –    UsersDrive

Download DBConvert Studio 2.1.8 –    Upload-4ever

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