AquaSnap Personal Edition 1.23.11

AquaSnap is a program for advanced workspace and window management in Windows 10, 8, 7. It allows you to make more detailed window settings using the built-in features of the software product.

AquaSnap Personal Edition

AquaSnap Personal Edition Full review

According to numerous reviews, AquaSnap helps you organize your workspace and manage your windows more conveniently. If you constantly work with multiple browser windows, folders or documents, then you must download AquaSnap!

The functionality of the application is divided into small groups with different names: AquaSnap, AquaStretch, AquaMagnet, AquaGlue, AquaShake and AquaGlass. Each component is responsible for its own settings and features, which are described below.

AquaSnap Personal Edition settings

What AquaSnap can do:

  • Selecting a specific window layout on your workspace;
  • Changing the size of any window vertically, horizontally or diagonally;
  • Arrange windows by automatically pinning them to each other;
  • Creating a group of windows, moving and stretching them;
  • Pin any window on top of the others;
  • Enhanced transparency controls when you move the window.

A new approach to managing windows and their transparency will allow you to operate more conveniently with a large number of directories and open programs. Proper adjustment of the workspace and windows will allow you to work in a more productive and convenient way.

AquaSnap Personal Edition download

It is worth noting that you do not need to look for the AquaSnap key to use the unlimited possibilities of the software product. The full version of AquaSnap is available immediately after downloading and installation. Also the assembled installer of the Repack version allows you to unpack the compact (portable) version of the utility to any location on your computer or flash drive.

Download AquaSnap Personal Edition 1.23.11 –    UsersDrive

Download AquaSnap Personal Edition 1.23.11 –    Upload-4ever

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