Topaz Video Enhance AI 2.4.0

Topaz Video Enhance AI is a quality plugin from Topaz Labs, which is a “smart video editor”. The updated application was equipped with a modern option – to increase video resolution.

Topaz Video Enhance

Topaz Video Enhance AI Full review

Thanks to the tools Video Enhance AI is a qualitative extrapolation of image details, which uses the possibilities of artificial intelligence, guaranteeing excellent results and realistic detail of the final picture.

Topaz Labs has released a major update for its smart video editor, Topaz Video Enhance AI. This software adds a new feature to the software to increase video resolution.

Topaz Video Enhance download

Topaz Video Enhance Key Features :

Topaz Video Enhance AI extrapolates the details of the image, relying on technology for in-depth training of artificial intelligence and due to this provides high quality and realistic detail pictures in the output.

Software developers – the company Topaz Labs recommend using the program on systems with Nvidia graphics cards. And the minimum requirements for a graphics card is GTX 1050 with 4 GB of video memory. If you need higher speed, then you will have to buy another graphics card no lower than GTX 1080 or even more advanced.

In addition, the developer claims that if there is no Nvidia card, the program can use Intel iGPU, but the speed will drop by about five times. Finally, if there is no iGPU, you can do without the CPU, but Topaz Labs warn that the speed will be an order of magnitude lower than when using a Nvidia GPU.

Let me remind you that early another software vendor has released an update for its software – Dragonframe, which is designed to work with Stop Motion animation. Canon also released paid firmware for EOS R. cameras.


Download Topaz Video Enhance AI 2.4.0 –    UsersDrive

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