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Uninterrupted operation of servers and workstations is a daily task for any administrator. You also have to think about support, data security and regular updates. Many companies have a backup server for crisis situations, but this is not always the solution when it comes, for example, to erroneous messages that cause some computers to stop working.

O&O BlueCon

O&O BlueCon Full review

O&O BlueCon Admin Edition saves time and money just on such possible cases. The system can be fixed without reinstalling or copying from a backup server.

O&O BlueCon and all its integrated components start working directly from the CD, no need to wait for the program to boot. BlueCon O&O CD is based on Windows PE (Preinstallation Environment). This means that you can run BlueCon O&O even if the system itself does not start.

O&O BlueCon settings

The main features of the program:

  • O&O DeviceManager for solving problems with drivers and services.
  • O&O EventViewer and O&O CheckDisk for error detection.
  • O&O SRPManager (for Windows XP only) and O&O RegEditor for solving Windows errors.
  • O&O UserManager for reinstalling passwords.
  • O&O SafeErase to delete data according to accepted standards.
  • O&O UnErase, O&O FormatRecovery and O&O DiskRecovery to recover data even without backup.
  • O&O FileExplorer and integrated Web browser for data detection and deletion, as well as for downloading additional devices.

O&O BlueCon options

How To Register and Download O&O BlueCon Full:

  • You can download file from our site , link below review
  • After end of downloading you will get Rar or Zip archive , open it and paste password (kolpac.com) for extract files;
  • In extracted folder you will get full complect for installation and ragistration program like setup , readme.txt (instruction!!!);
  • Very inportant to do all steps what is in Readme file;
  • For begin instalation run setup file;
  • After complete instalation open folder where you installed program and replace all files;
  • Almost done , now just run as admin and press activate
  • Enjoi , now you have full vertion

Download O&O BlueCon Admin 18.0.8088 via

Download O&O BlueCon Tech Edition 18.0.8088 via

Password for archiv: kolpac.com

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