Disk Drill Professional 4.3.586.0

Disk Drill is a powerful data recovery tool for PC and removable media. The program is distributed in the basic version, which provides an opportunity to reconstruct up to five hundred megabytes of lost data free of charge. After that users will need to upgrade to the PRO version.

Disk Drill Professional

Disk Drill Professional Full review

In its work, the program scans storage devices – hard drives and flash drives connected to the PC, for residual traces of any deleted files, and then informs the user about the possibility of recovery. Disk Drill uses two types of scans – fast or superficial and deep (thorough). In turn, the Recovery process can be subjected to individual objects as well as entire partitions.

Another useful option of the tool is so-called data protection. The essence of it lies in the Deletion Log, which allows you to restore files in a matter of seconds to several minutes.

In addition, the tool enables you to create whole images of disk partitions. This may be useful in cases where there is obvious physical wear of HDD, accompanied by the appearance of so-called bad sectors.

Disk Drill Professional Download

The interface of Disk Drill is made in the corporate style. It is dominated by large controls, which facilitates the work with the tool. Initially, the main working area displays a list of local devices and partitions that the program managed to detect. When the scan is complete, the main window displays a tree of objects that have been deleted but have a good chance of being restored.

In its work, the program uses the session mechanism. This means that users can return to the results of a previous scan after a while and complete the process of restoring their own data.

Disk Drill tool supports work with different types of file systems, such as FAT32, NTFS, EXT, HFS+ and others. In addition, the application supports object recovery on devices such as HDDs, USB drives and SD cards.

Disk Drill Professional Download

Advantages of Disk Drill

  • Ability to use the product free of charge for a limited period of time.
  • User-friendly and easy to learn program interface.
  • Supports surface and deep scanning.
  • Ability to create images of disk partitions.
  • Logging with account of object properties and deletion history.
  • Stop and hold the scanning process paused.
  • Support for the session mechanism.
  • Support of the basic types of file systems.

Disk Drill disadvantages.

  • Lack of support for Russian and Ukrainian interface languages.
  • Lack of a portal version of the program.
  • Lack of a complete free version of the product.

Nowadays information is of great value for all users. Disk Drill, in turn, allows you to avoid the unpleasant consequences associated with its loss.

The program behaves responsibly, does not crash and does not hang. Quick scan takes from a few seconds to a few minutes depending on the size and interface of the drives. In general, the program can be recommended to a wide range of users who are desperate to get their data back.

Download Disk Drill Professional 4.3.586.0 –    UsersDrive

Download Disk Drill Professional 4.3.586.0 –    Upload-4ever

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